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indiegogo campaign launched

Molly Kiely

My friend Ginger Mayerson wrote a script for a graphic novel called Eschaton-a-Go-Go with me in mind to illustrate it. It features demigoddesses and parallel universes and lake spirits and librarians. That was about 5 years ago, yet I haven't had much time to bring it to fruition. This August, Miss P began first grade and an afterschool program, and I now have a studio -- it's time to get back to being me.

G thought an IndieGoGo campaign would be a great way to fund the publishing of the graphic novel, and to provide me a modest living to draw and paint it, after being "unemployed" for nearly 7 years.

If you've ever wished we could go grab coffee (or dinner) or if anything I've ever posted -- on facebook, on flickr, on tumblr -- has ever caught your eye or made you smile, please consider donating the equivalent of that coffee or dinner to our fundraiser. (Why stop at dinner...send the equivalent of a plane ticket...)

Perks (prizes!) start at the $5 level, and there is original art available beginning at the $15 level. Since I'm me, I'm likely to sweeten the deal by handcolouring the perk-y postcards or including a surprise illustrated / collaged thank-you note.

...if this isn't your cup of tea, maybe it's one of your friends' -- please share this far and wide, I'd really like for it to happen. Thank you.


Please contribute to my IndieGoGo campaign.